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Michael Connell Angle of Investigation

Buy At Amazon Angle of Investigation: Three Harry Bosch Stories

After I dove into the first batch of Michael Connelly short stories about Harry Bosch, I couldn’t resist a second lap. Angle of Investigation is another great collection that showcases LAPD detective Harry Bosch across the broad spectrum of homicides handled across his career.

“Christmas Even” is a fantastic little story that gives readers a glimpse into Harry’s past while in Vietnam, while establishing a solid foundation to his love of jazz. The mystery wasn’t too hard to figure out. I had it as soon as Harry started poking around. But it was the secondary plotline of the saxophone that really lured me in and that delivers such a great emotional shot.

“Father’s Day” is a downer in a lot of ways. Not because of the story because that was well done, but due to the subject matter. Here in Oklahoma we’ve seen too many deaths like this, and I’ve raised five kids, so the story really leaves a mark. It leaves a mark on Harry too, and I was glad I knew from later novels that he gets on the other side of his personal crisis.

“Angle of Investigation” gives long-time readers a peek at Harry in his early uniform days before he made detective. It’s a really good insight into the man he will become. I’m sure Connelly enjoys writing these because he can go backwards and forwards in time with Harry. I like the transition between the past and now, and the way Harry is portrayed.

These are great little nibblers to pick up if you’re in the mood for a Harry Bosch story, are familiar with his history, but aren’t down for a full novel.

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