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OUT OF THE BLACK by John Rector

June 2, 2013

John Rector’s Out of the Black has an exciting premise: ex-Marine, grieving and lost, gets in over his head in a kidnapping gone WAY wrong, then has to work his way through a bad situation. I snapped this one up immediately and expected a full-throttle read. Which I got. Unfortunately, the non-stop action actually got […]


June 1, 2013

Uncommon Criminals is the second book in Ally Walker’s Heist Society series. I had a really good time with the first book, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed the second one as well. In the first book, I was exploring new territory, though, and there’s not much new territory uncovered in this added volume. […]

SIX YEARS by Harlan Coben

April 22, 2013

I love Harlan Coben’s twisty suspense thrillers. I logged on with his first, Tell No One, and I’ve been through most of the rest of them with him, enjoying the surprising rides he’s offered. I show up every year just to get my breath sucked away as he launches into a chase with life or […]


January 9, 2013

Black Sun Reich: The Spear of Destiny: Part One of Three by Trey Garrison is a thrilling return to the halcyon days of pulps and Saturday matinee serials. You know the ones – where you’d show up for a Saturday, watch your heroes go through a whirlwind of adventures fighting the bad guys, then end […]

NO MERCY by Lori Armstrong

January 7, 2013

No Mercy is the first book in Lori Armstrong’s new Mercy Gunderson series, which is currently three deep and growing in volumes as well as popularity. Mercy is a Jack Reacher kind of character in the kind of territory Walt Longmire would feel at home in. In fact, Longmire’s creator Craig Johnson had some very […]

SAILOR by Tom Epperson

January 2, 2013

When I first saw the book Sailor and read the premise, I figured I be getting a Lee Child/Jack Reacher type of story. I was happy with that because I like the run and gun novels a lot. Instead of being a tightly woven kill or be killed tale, it shakes loose story threads all […]

COLD CITY by F. Paul Wilson

December 27, 2012

I love Repairman Jack! He is easily one of the greatest fictional characters ever invented. I first stumbled across him in a short story, “Day in the Life” in the Stalkers anthology, and started looking for novels featuring the character. At the time, there was only The Tomb, which wasn’t the same kind of story, […]


September 4, 2012

I’ve been reading Joe Schreiber’s books for a few years now. He hasn’t written many so he’s one of those writers at the moment that is easy to catch up with, but the ones he’s written have had impact in the field. One of his claims to fame is that he brought zombies to Star […]

UNSTOPPABLE by Laura Griffin

August 25, 2012

Laura Griffin is new to me, but she’s got plenty of books to dig into once you discover her. I’m convinced that if you’re a romantic suspense lover and haven’t found her before, you’ll be glad you did. Unstoppable is a novella in her Tracers series. The Tracers are an elite group of people with […]

BLOODLINE by James Rollins

August 24, 2012

For the last few years, James Rollins has been building up a big confrontation between his series heroes, Sigma Force, and the Guild, an international group of evil baddies out to take over the world. The plots in the novels have been straight out of comic books and the old Hollywood serials – and I’ve […]