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September 1, 2014

Ian Douglas has been pumping out military science fiction under this pseudonym and others as well as his own for years. So he’s quite good at it. Earth Strike is the first in the Star Carrier series, which is now up to book five in releases while the author is busy working on book six. […]

BLOODSTAR by Ian Douglas

August 6, 2012

Ian Douglas is getting a lot of accolades of late for his science fiction military novels, and those praises are well deserved. He’s been writing trilogies about men on the front line, on interstellar space carriers, and battles that span solar systems. His latest trilogy focuses on the Marine Corpsmen, those valiant soldiers that double […]


August 28, 2008

The third book in my Hellgate: London trilogy based on Flagship Studios’ best-selling game! It’s out on the shelves now!

TRADING IN DANGER by Elizabeth Moon

May 19, 2008

Veteran military/science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon has crafted an entertaining and three-dimensional five-book series starring Kylara Vatta. Ky, as she’s called by her friends and extensive family, is one of the most fully realized heroines I’ve had the pleasure of reading about. The first book is Trading In Danger. Ky gets kicked out of the […]

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

February 25, 2007

  At Amazon  Honor Harrington is the heroine of several novels. On Basilisk Station is the first. In this book, Honor is a junior grade officer who ends up with a bad assignment because she made higher-grade officers look bad in a war games maneuver. She’s young, clever, ambitious, loyal, and not afraid of anything. […]