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EYES TO SEE by Joseph Nassise

December 3, 2011

Eyes To See is the first book in an intriguing new series by Joseph Nassise (author of the Templar Chronicles) and is a great little mix of paranormal and noir fiction. In order to find his missing daughter, scholar Jeremiah Hunt gave up his eyes in exchange for a new vision that allows him to […]

THE CYPRESS HOUSE by Michael Koryta

November 6, 2011

Michael Koryta is a gifted writer talented enough to switch genres at a moment’s notice. I first noticed him as an award winning mystery writer when I read (and reviewed) his first Lincoln Perry private eye novel, Tonight I Said Goodbye. He wasn’t yet twenty-one when the book was published and received those awards. The […]

PATIENT ZERO by Jonathan Maberry

January 13, 2010

Joe Ledger is a superhero. He might not wear the mask or a costume, but he fights like one and has a rogues’ gallery stacking up against him that would fit the bill of any comic book. I have to admit that when I settled into Patient Zero, I hadn’t known that was what I […]

SOULLESS by Christopher Golden

December 29, 2008

  Zombies are experiencing a resurgence of public interest. Check out the latest movies, comics, novels, and video games and you’ll discover that the undead have staked out a distinct and larger terrain of their own. Worm-riddled and decaying, they claw up from the grave and set out searching for the nearest brain buffet. For […]

THE HARROWING by Alexandra Sokoloff

November 21, 2007

Ghost stories are sort of a staple with me. I enjoy them when they’re well done, in books as well as DVDs, and I especially enjoy them when it’s dark or overcast outside. There’s something about the mood, the fact that I can almost believe ghosts exist.I sat down with Alexandra Solokoff’s first novel, The […]

CHASING THE DEAD by Joe Schreiber

November 6, 2007

Chasing the Dead is a sleek bullet of a suspense/horror novel. I know that both of those genres exist independently of each other, but sometimes have elements of the other within them, but this book is first one, then the other in a blend like I haven’t seen before. I picked the book up because […]


June 8, 2007

Joe Hill is a pseudonym. Most everyone, editors and the book-reading public, know that he’s actually Stephen King’s son. It was never a well-kept secret except when he was doing award-winning short stories. His skill as a writer, a good writer, was a better kept secret because as everyone knows very few short story writers […]

The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen

November 4, 2006

  At Amazon   Tess Gerritsen’s mystery/thriller series about Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles keeps hitting the bestseller lists, and deservedly so.  As a former internist (she started writing full-time once she started hitting those bestseller lists), Gerritsen’s medical knowledge is first-rate and is always interesting. Previous books include The Surgeon, The Apprentice, The […]

The Ruins, by Scott Smith

August 18, 2006

  Buy At Amazon Scott Smith’s new book is a gut-churner of the first-degree.  The novel starts out slow and builds, introducing the reader to each of the four characters.  Eric is the party guy who has settled into his future, planning on marrying Stacy, teaching school and being a high school sports coach.  Stacy […]