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IN THE TALL GRASS by Stephen King & Joe Hill

July 28, 2013

“In the Tall Grass” is dark and grisly and ultimately just wasn’t for me. This reads like classic Stephen King with all the supernatural trappings and hidden monsters that horror stories feature when they’re done right. This collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill was probably something fans of both authors were looking for, a […]

STITCH HEAD: THE PIRATE’S EYE by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson

July 27, 2013

The Pirate’s Eye is the second book in Guy Bass’s Stitch Head series. There are four books about the young monster so far. Stitch Head was put together in a mad professor’s laboratory, which is how he also got his name. The book is an early reader chapter book made up of short chapters, lots […]


July 27, 2013

I’ve gotten to where I like Joe Hill’s novels, so I was looking forward to this short story because of the interesting premise. Hill does a really good job portraying Mallory Grennan, ex-Iraqi war vet, and I sympathized with her immediately. She’s obviously dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, and Hill makes the reader feel the […]

THE GUARDIANS by Andrew Pyper

August 1, 2012

Andrew Pyper’s novel The Guardians sucked me in on the first page and just wouldn’t let me go until I’d finished it. There have been a lot of comparisons to Stephen King’s It and “The Body,” the short story from Different Seasons that became the movie Stand By Me. Those comparisons are dead on in […]

THE LONG BLACK TRAIN by Heath Lowrance

July 13, 2012

“The Long Black Train” is the second short story featuring Heath Lowrance’s gritty gunslinger who squares off with the supernatural. This story has a little more set up than the last tale, and a few pages pass by before Hawthorne appears on the scene. But once Hawthorne is there, things get weird in a hurry. […]


July 12, 2012

“That Damned Coyote Hill” is the first of Heath Lowrance’s Hawthorne short stories featuring a bounty hunter (I think, though that’s more hinted at than definite). In this first story, he’s out looking for personal vengeance, though. To me, Hawthorne seems more like Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane character, a wandering soldier of fortune who’s […]

THROTTLE by Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Joe Hill and Adam Johnson

June 6, 2012

Throttle is the first fiction I’ve seen that was written by horror writer Joe Hill and his father, Stephen King. It’s an interesting bit of fiction because one of the primary issues in the story is the relationship between fathers and sons, and it was written for the newest venue in literary entertainment, the ebook. […]

CARPATHIA by Matt Forbeck

May 4, 2012

The plot is so good for this one that I wish I’d thought of it first. Imagine the Titanic sinking only to have part of the doomed passengers rescued by a ship filled with bloodthirsty vampires. Cool, huh? Real movie potential. Matt Forbeck is a good writer and world builder, and he’s learned how take […]

DUST OF THE DAMNED by Peter Brandvold

January 16, 2012

I’ve read some of Peter Brandvold’s Westerns under his name as well as the Frank Leslie name, and I’ve enjoyed them as solid actioners that are quite a bit harder edged than anything Louis L’Amour ever wrote. And his latest release, Dust of the Damned, is way weirder than anything L’Amour wrote even back in […]

BLOOD DREAMS by Jack MacLane

December 20, 2011

For a few years, mild English professor Bill Crider (writer of several mystery series, including the Sheriff Dan Rhodes books) had a very disturbed alter ego named Jack MacLane. From what I’ve been able to decipher, MacLane wrote five novels back in the old 1980s horror market, and these books were for the Zebra line, […]