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August 31, 2014

I was a fan of Christian Slater’s television show, The Forgotten. It only lasted one season, seventeen episodes, actually, but my wife and I were drawn into the emotional cases and the cast of characters that were so deeply affected by the unidentified bodies. At the time, I didn’t know that Todd Matthews, the Director […]

THE SKIN COLLECTOR by Jeffery Deaver

May 19, 2014

At first glance, Jeffery Deaver’s new book, The Skin Collector, sounds like it has a lot in common with his breakout hit featuring forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme. Well, like all of Deaver’s creations, the book meets some of the reader’s expectations and spins others wildly in another direction. This latest novel in his long-running series […]

ICE COLD by Tess Gerritsen

July 27, 2010

My wife and I have been reading Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles books for years. It’s always a race to see who gets to the new one first. We have different takes on the story and plot, and we have great discussions over what we thought was really good about the books. There’s just enough […]

BODY PARTS by Vicki Stiefel

April 12, 2010

Body Parts is a grim novel with a spunky heroine that I liked. Vicky Stiefel doesn’t cover any new territory in the first book of her series about Tally Whyte, a Massachusetts homicide counselor, but the familiar landscape is interesting. The first-person narrative is almost pitch-perfect throughout, and Tally Whyte is a likeable character from […]

SHADOW MAN by Cody McFadyen

September 2, 2008

Shadow Man by Cody McFadyen is one of the most gut-wrenching suspense novels I’ve read in years. It’s as undeniable and as raw as a bare knuckles haymaker in the face. A lot of readers are going to be shocked and dismayed by this one, and even the most hardcore serial killer thriller readers are […]

THE DEVIL’S BONES by Jefferson Bass

March 23, 2008

The Devil’s Bones by Jefferson Bass is the third novel in the Dr. Bill Brockton forensics series. Jefferson Bass is the pseudonym of Dr. Bill Bass, a forensics specialist that founded Tennessee’s Body Farm, and Jon Jefferson, the journalist who co-wrote Dr. Bass’s nonfiction books. I enjoy the CSI world a lot, and I can […]