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I AM THE WEAPON by Allen Zadoff

September 1, 2014

Allen Zadoff has dug into the YA suspense/spy market that has gone largely untouched. Since Anthony Horowitz stopped writing the Alex Rider novels (why, Anthony????), there exists a vacuum in this area that needs filling. Zadoff comes close with his Boy Nobody series, now called the Unknown Assassin series. This first book is a zinger […]


May 19, 2014

Andy McDermott exploded onto the international thriller scene with his first novel The Hunt for Atlantis. Since then he’s added several books to the series about American archeologist Nina Wilde and ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase. He’s even gotten them married and successfully continued their adventures. McDermott is a master of the over-the-top thriller in the […]

THE SHADOW: THE FIRE OF CREATION by Garth Ennis & Aaron Campbell

July 19, 2013

Garth Ennis loves violence and war themes in the comics he writes. Still, until Dynamite Comics tapped him to be the debut author for their new Shadow comics, I hadn’t thought about him writing the character. When I did hear about it, and after I saw the fabulous cover art for the first issue, I […]

DEEP DOWN by Lee Child

July 30, 2012

Last year before the new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child came out, fans were offered an e-short story about a young Reacher. I got it and read it, enjoying both the story and the way that the tale filled in some of the gaps we didn’t really know about Reacher. I also liked the […]

ALPHA by Greg Rucka

June 18, 2012

Greg Rucka knows how to write an action-packed story filled with interesting characters, and he does it again in his latest book, Alpha. The story is begging to be made into a summer blockbuster movie. Wilsonville (a theme park a lot like Disneyland) is a well-thought out background to the events in the novel. Rucka […]

“Paris Is A Bitch” a short story by Barry Eisler

May 31, 2011

“Paris Is A Bitch” is the second straight to Kindle short story by Barry Eisler. This one starts John Rain, his half-Japanese, half-American hitman that he’s written six books about. His seventh John Rain novel, The Detachment, is coming out sometime from someone (if you haven’t kept up with all the flapdoodle surrounding that book, […]

FLEE by J. A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson

May 13, 2011

Flee is J. A. Konrath’s latest straight to Kindle novel, written with Ann Voss Peterson. The thing that really caught my eye about the book is the exquisite cover. As you can see, it’s very active and eye-catching. The book is a whirlwind of excitement, at once titillating and adrenaline-laced. The provocative opening where Chandler […]

New JAMES BOND Novel Coming!

January 17, 2011

  The title and cover for the new James Bond novel by Jeffrey Deaver just broke a few hours ago.  Notice the watermark on this image.  I got it from MI6.  Of course, this isn’t the real British spy agency, but I thought it was cool just the same.   This isn’t going to be […]

BLACK WIDOW #1 by Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna

June 19, 2010

I pay attention whenever a novelist steps into the comics arena, or when a comic book writer pens a novel. As a writer myself, I love learning the craft. Often, when a writer changes mediums, you can study their transition and learn a lot about how they pursue story in both forms, and get a […]

TRACKERS #1 by Patrick Carman

June 12, 2010

I have to give Patrick Carman props for being innovative with his books for the YA (9-12) crowd. He’s delivering the stuff they live for (ghost stories and cybernetic thrillers, as well as his recent superhero riff Thirteen Days to Midnight). Carman’s doing a good job of backing up the Skeleton Creek and Trackers properties […]