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ELDERWOOD MANOR by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes

July 15, 2014

Elderwood Manor is a trope-filled horror novella that readers of that genre will either love or be bored by. Jaded readers might not enjoy the ride because the story hits too many of the standard features of this kind of horror. 1) Father and son are trying to recover from loss of wife/mother. 2) Father […]

CHEKHOV’S GUN by Vin DeLoach

March 23, 2014

Chekhov’s Gun by Vin DeLoach is a novella based in the new Kindle Worlds licensed franchise of Veronica Mars. I was a fan of the television show, and am currently aggravated that the movie has not shown up yet in my hometown. So when I heard that there would be new Veronica Mars stories I […]

WILDERNESS by Dean Koontz

November 29, 2013

Wilderness is the latest short story from prolific author, Dean Koontz, and it serves as an advertisement to his newest novel, Innocence. From what I’ve seen of the new book, and this short story, Koontz is performing a riff on The Beauty and the Beast. The words in the short story are beautiful and lyrical, […]