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LEVON’S NIGHT by Chuck Dixon

Chuck Dixon Levon's Night

After the first Levon Cade book, I really hoped that Chuck Dixon wasn’t going to just walk away from the character. I felt like there was a lot more story to tell, and there is!

Levon Cade is an ex-military guy who is violent and lethal, and fights for the underdog. He’s deeply attached to his young daughter, Merry, and no one will stop him from making sure she’s protected.

These books are short, quick reads that would have fit in perfectly with Pinnacle Book’s old action-adventure line. I’m betting Dixon is very familiar with them. He’s one of my top three comic book writers of all time, and the best at page-managing story for artists.

In this book, Levon has settled in for the winter, taking a cover job as a handyman in a small community that often gets cut off from civilization. On one of those nights, a high-stakes robbery crew with a long line of dead victims behind them breaks into one of the houses, catching Levon and Merry in the sights.

After a deliberately slow-paced build-up (like watching a winter storm build on the horizon and knowing there’s nowhere to run to escape it), the killing starts. Levon finds himself up against a group of hardcore thieves who are totally lethal.

The plot line in this one bounces around a bit, feeling like a very well done suspense movie. Once the pace moves into the red line, the violence keeps coming until the lost shot is fired.

I’m really enjoying this series. Levon Cade feels individualistic, but he’s the loner hero Dixon does so well (he also does an excellent job with teams). Anyone who has read any of Dixon’s work is going to enjoy this one.

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