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Ian Douglas Star Carrier Earth Strike

Ian Douglas has been pumping out military science fiction under this pseudonym and others as well as his own for years. So he’s quite good at it. Earth Strike is the first in the Star Carrier series, which is now up to book five in releases while the author is busy working on book six.

Douglas starts up a lot of things in this novel. There’s a disconnect between Earth and the colony worlds (I’m willing to bet I know how that’s gonna work out really soon), a green space pilot who has strange ties to a segment of people who are deemed unworthy by the rich and influential on Earth, yet refuse to climb onto the government dole, an admiral who becomes a war hero who would have been thrown under the bus if the conflict had gone any other way (no surprise there), and various other infighting that takes place.

I really enjoyed Douglas’s approach to the science he’s espousing in this book. Space fighters that can change shape depending on the environment and necessity is really cool. Likewise, space travel becomes a real component of battle engagement when it leaves a unit separated for hours.

The various plotlines spin out from a dramatic opening as the Earth’s space navy goes into a full-blown battle for the future of an Islamic colony that has split off from Earth. The politics are interesting, to a degree, but serve mostly to fragment Earth into splinter groups. It works, but I’m still not quite convinced what the furor is about. Doubtless, further books will deal with that because the political differences haven’t gone away.

Douglas knows how to write military SF and has anchored a fantastic and action-packed new series with this book.

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