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I AM THE WEAPON by Allen Zadoff

Allen Zadoff I am the weapn

Allen Zadoff has dug into the YA suspense/spy market that has gone largely untouched. Since Anthony Horowitz stopped writing the Alex Rider novels (why, Anthony????), there exists a vacuum in this area that needs filling.

Zadoff comes close with his Boy Nobody series, now called the Unknown Assassin series. This first book is a zinger loaded with surprising twists and turns that seem familiar, but instantly charge off in unexpected directions. I like the first-person narrative because I was instantly involved with the character. Zadoff doesn’t let up after an engaging opening: an assassination by our main character.

When I first encountered Boy Nobody in the opening pages going about his assignment, I didn’t care for him, but the jet-propelled pacing carried me further into the book before I knew it, and Zadoff quickly hooked me with the horns of Boy Nobody’s dilemma: carry out his assignment and killed the girl he’s falling for pretty hard, or go rogue and potentially end up getting killed for being weak.

The aspect of the book that aggravated me the most is that we don’t really get to know much about Boy Nobody. He’s a cipher. Although a few hints are revealed as we go along, I’m torn between being satisfied with that and hoping the series broadens the character’s past as it charges forward, or wanting to know about him. I’m hoping there are more reveals in the second book, which is already out now.

The romance triangle feels overdone, but Zadoff makes it fresh again with the way he handles his story. In fact, the whole novel smacks of a Mission: Impossible/Rogue Agent kind of thing, but this is the kind of story I’ll always be a sucker for.

The subject matter (assassination, murder, death, terrorism) is mature for young readers, but grade 6 and up can easily slip into this world for vicarious thrill and chills with nothing offensive on the pages. Think of this as a more grown-up Alex Rider with a lot more intensity.

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