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WIDE SPOT IN THE ROAD by Wayne D. Dundee

Wayne D. Dundee Wide Spot in the Road

Wide Spot in the Road was the first Jack Laramie Drifter Detective novella I’ve read in the series. The premise is interesting, kind of a Jim Rockford (only a little tougher in the clinches) who lives in the back of his horse trailer and roves Texas looking for work.

Jack Laramie is the grandson of Cash Laramie, Edward A. Grainger’s United States marshal in the old West. Grainger is actually David Cranmer, who has been building up a pulp publishing arm with characters he’s created and co-created.

Wayne Dundee is an old hand at storytelling, and he demonstrates his chops in this little gem that only covers a few hours in real time but changes several lives along the way. He takes the old saw of a hero stopping in at a diner and ending up caught in a bad situation and makes a great little story out of it.

The players are people you’ve seen before, so the various twists and turns taken in the tale aren’t anything really new, but Dundee delivers the people we love to cheer for, and puts them in the fight of their lives that we know they’ll ultimately be capable of winning.

I don’t know if Dundee has plans to do another Drifter Detective, but I’d look forward to a second helping!

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