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CHEKHOV’S GUN by Vin DeLoach

Vin DeLoach Chekhov's Gun

Chekhov’s Gun by Vin DeLoach is a novella based in the new Kindle Worlds licensed franchise of Veronica Mars. I was a fan of the television show, and am currently aggravated that the movie has not shown up yet in my hometown. So when I heard that there would be new Veronica Mars stories I was excited.

I’ve never read anything by Vin DeLoach. The writing is incredibly smooth and the plotting is almost effortless. He should stay busy writing. I looked, and sadly, there are no other books written by this person.

I’m sure fans of the television show already had suspicions of how Veronica always knew when the drug dogs were going to be brought into the high school. Perhaps, some thought it was just because her father used to be the sheriff. In this novella, the “real” reason Veronica always gets tipped off about the drug searches is revealed.

Fans who pick up this novella will feel instantly at home. The Neptune in these digital pages feels like the town where we first met Veronica. Many of the characters stepped through these scenes as well. Characters like Jerry Sacks and Don Lamb resonate perfectly and haven’t changed a bit.

The plot is simple and straightforward, a very clean vehicle for getting Veronica on thin ice with Sheriff Lamb while her father, Keith, is out of town. Jerry Sacks’s gun has gone missing, and he’s not sure what he’s going to do. The last time he remembered having his weapon was prior to the drinking binge he went on with the sheriff.

Veronica’s investigation into the matter is very logical, very much like a detective, which is what we have come to expect from her. The twists and turns of the story are engaging and it’s way too easy to read this tale in a single sitting. It’s paced just like an episode of the television series, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it as such.

So far only a couple Veronica Mars stories have shown up as Kindle Worlds properties. There is also a Veronica Mars novel forthcoming from Rob Thomas, the show’s creator. If you miss the show, pick this one up.

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