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Simon Kernick Wrong Place Wrong Time

I had not previously read Simon Kernick, though I was aware of him because I check the bestseller lists. So I figured I was in good hands when I booted up Wrong Time, Wrong Place. The story starts off full-on action and tension, and just gets more wound up from there because the killing comes on fast and plentiful from that point on.

The idea of four people (two couples) caught up in a nightmarish circumstance simply because they tried to help someone strikes too closely to home. I was hooked at once because I have sometimes found myself doing exactly that because I’m originally from a small town and we help each other. I currently live in Moore, which has been in the news a lot with the tornados, and that same sense of camaraderie exists.

Kernick doesn’t waste any time setting his killers onto the two couples, and the body count climbs as ruthlessness abounds. The author throws in a lot of curves, some emotionally resonant character studies done in the heat of the moment that don’t slow down the action, and weaves it all together with a thorny sense of desperation that will not abate.

I’m of mixed feelings about my overall experience with the novella, but I am convinced that Kernick is an author I’m adding to my current overwhelming stack of ebooks. He has another short piece, “The Debt,” for those that want to try him again before digging into a full novel.

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