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Dray Prescot Warrior of Scorpio

Warrior of Scorpio is the third book of the Dray Prescot series. Where the second book of the series seems a little uneven to me, this third book really hits the spot by presenting all of the action I remembered of the books. I suppose Kenneth Bulmer was just settling into his pace with this one.

I know that Bulmer was also churning out fiction at a prodigious rate, writing this series for DAW books, but also churning out men’s action adventure for Sphere, the British publisher, which were later picked up by Pinnacle Books, which was a powerhouse in the 1970s.

At the start of this novel, Dray has managed to thwart the Star Lords’ efforts to send him back to Earth. We still don’t know what happened with the slave uprising he started in the second book, which is kind of frustrating, especially when Dray surmises that it probably failed. That kind of takes the wind out of the sails regarding that bit of action.

As usual, Dray is dumped out in the middle of saving someone, this time a woman and child. But this is the book where Dray first meets Seg Segutorio, the bowman of Loh who hails from Ethyrdrin. As everyone who has read the series knows, Seg is one of Dray’s closest companions throughout the series. For those of you who don’t know, happy reading! Seg is one of the most fun characters in the books.

I was happy to see Dray reunited with Delia in this book because she was definitely missing in the last. It’s fun to see them together, and the added humor of Thelda’s advances toward him and Seg’s obviously broken heart over complements the story nicely.

I loved the way the book turns into a travelogue, and this one with all of its twists and turns most reminded me of a Burroughs novel. The love of Dray’s life is thought dead, the Queen of Pain lays her heart at Dray’s feet, and there are other circumstances to overcome.

But the epitome of this novel is the arena fight where Dray has to save Delia. He is the perfect underdog here, and he’s doing some of his best fighting and larger-than-life heroing (yeah, that’s a word today!). Even though I’d read this book before, long enough that I’d almost forgot the scene, I remembered it as I read it, and STILL the joy of tagging along for the adventure had me turning the pages quickly.

If you’ve read the second book in the series and were left somewhat dismayed, rest assured that Bulmer picks up the pace in this one, giving his readers the ultimate zest in sword and planet storytelling.

One Response to “WARRIOR OF PRESCOT by Alan Burt Akers”

  1. Funny, I thought #2 was strong and interesting. I liked the whole Krozair subplot (although I confess I read #2 first, only getting to #1 after reading 2 and 3). Still, an enjoyable series at least until it gets to the Hamil and civil war (and let’s pretend that Fortune for Kregan or whatever that really bad one was called never existed).

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