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Frank Cammuso The Misadventures of Salem Hyde

The Misadventures of Salem Hyde is a hilarious kid’s book! It’s simplistic, easy to read (and to look at), and it cruises right along from beginning to end with gags (sight and words) around every corner.

I assume this is the start of a series. At least, I hope it is because I’d like to see more books about this little wayward witch. Salem is a kind of every-girl who just happens to do magic. Like any girl her age (grade school), she doesn’t quite handle her abilities in the best manner.

Frank Cammuso, the author/artist of the book, knows kids. He knows how they act and he knows how to tickle their funny bones. I enjoyed flipping through the pages, often pausing to really take in the art because sometimes it’s a lot more detailed than the drawings would lead a reader to think.

The spelling bee mix-up is just the beginning of the story, though. The action gets REALLY interesting when Salem’s parents decide to get her an animal companion. Instead of a monkey butler or a unicorn, Salem ends up with Whammy the cat, who has lived for hundreds of years. Whammy is also down to his last few lives, so he’s totally into risk avoidance.

Ultimately, it’s the relationship between Salem and Whammy that makes this book the most fun. This is a great picture/reading book for libraries.


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