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R. L. Stine My Alien Parents

R. L. Stine riffs on a familiar fear/hope of pre-teens everywhere: that they are in a family of aliens and they’re the only normal person in the room. That conceit is easily established in the story and the author runs with it. Adult readers sharing the book aloud with young children may sense the twist coming, but chances are they’ll be wrong and be surprised as well.

Stine is known for his Goosebumps series, as well as Fear Street, and this book is a reprint from ten-plus years ago. I read a lot of these books when my kids discovered them, but I hadn’t read this one.

The narrative style draws readers in (young and old) and the pages turn quickly once the problem is presented. Stine piles on the questions, turning the tale into as much of a mystery as it is a horror story. The author takes great delight in using common, everyday things around the house and life to switch things up and terrorize his character – and the reader.

My Alien Parents is a short read. It’s a great book for beginning chapter readers, and it’s a terrific book to read aloud because the short chapters and first person narration lends itself to that. However, be warned. Young readers will probably not be ready to stop listening once you get started.

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  1. WHy does my book have three chaoter tens?

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