Reviews and Recommendations by Mel Odom, Professional Writer


Olivia Snow Cassie and the Woolf

Cassie and the Woolf is an early reader chapter book that plays on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Young readers will be lulled in by the familiar tropes of the story while at the same time being entertained by elements from their present day world and the anticipation of the trap Cassie and her grandmother spring on their “wolf.”

The premise of the story is interesting, especially the way the narrative is told with modern-day sensibility and issues today’s kids have while at the same time staying kind of true to the original fairy tale. The characters are rather thin and superficial, but work to get the bones of the story in place.

I think young readers will be enchanted by the story and will be turning pages to find out what happens next. The story here doesn’t end in the same place as the fairy tale does, and that’s a further twist that will be enjoyed as well.

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