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IN THE TALL GRASS by Stephen King & Joe Hill

Stephen King In the Tall Grass

“In the Tall Grass” is dark and grisly and ultimately just wasn’t for me. This reads like classic Stephen King with all the supernatural trappings and hidden monsters that horror stories feature when they’re done right.

This collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill was probably something fans of both authors were looking for, a double-whammy from the old master and the new master just digging into his career.

The story is generally creepy, but instead of staying with the unsettling feeling, it buries the needle at the grotesque. About the time the tension ratcheted from evil to gross, I checked out emotionally and finished the story under protest.

This was more incident than story. The build-up ultimately led nowhere and I was disappointed there wasn’t an interesting history uncovered along the way. I enjoy Stephen King’s short work for the most part. Like any good power hitter, King connects with most of his stories. Rarely do you see a swing and a miss. But it’s possible I just wasn’t the target audience for this one.

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