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STITCH HEAD: THE PIRATE’S EYE by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson

Guy Bass The Pirate's Eye

The Pirate’s Eye is the second book in Guy Bass’s Stitch Head series. There are four books about the young monster so far. Stitch Head was put together in a mad professor’s laboratory, which is how he also got his name.

The book is an early reader chapter book made up of short chapters, lots of dialogue and action, and awesome illustrations that round out the gothic world the author presents in these pages. The characters aren’t very deep, but they are true to themselves throughout. Stitch Head has tender moments where he thinks about his world and how he fits into it. Creature is a continual surprise and a source of comedic relief. And Arabella is one of the toughest girls you’ll ever find in fiction – and she has a pair of boots for everything!

The story is enjoyable and makes some familiar and fun twists and turns that even young readers will be able to anticipate, which will only make the reading more pleasurable. But there are some things that occur with Creature that young readers won’t see coming.

Pete Williamson drew the illustrations and I have seen and enjoyed his work before. His presentation of castles, mad scientist laboratories, and the open sea are fun visual treats.

Stitch Head is a character that boys will immediately appreciate. He feels out of place with the world but he has great friends and lots of adventures.

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