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COLD CITY by F. Paul Wilson

F. Paul Wilson Cold City

I love Repairman Jack! He is easily one of the greatest fictional characters ever invented. I first stumbled across him in a short story, “Day in the Life” in the Stalkers anthology, and started looking for novels featuring the character. At the time, there was only The Tomb, which wasn’t the same kind of story, being more supernatural.

Thankfully, in 1998 F. Paul Wilson began a long series that saw a book a year published until 2011. During that time, there had also been a YA trilogy featuring the character.

But there had been no mention of Jack’s first arrival at New York City.

I was totally bummed when I thought maybe I’d seen the last of Jack’s adventures. He’s been a part of my life for nearly thirty years, and I wasn’t looking forward to putting him away. I figured he would show up every now and again because the author hasn’t stopped writing, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

I was right, because the new incarnation of Repairman Jack is going to be at least three novels featuring Jack in his formative years, how he comes to know all the things that he does, how he comes to meet all the people he meets who become such staples in the series.

I really didn’t know if Wilson could pull off what he was going to attempt to do, reintroduce Jack to a new audience while at the same time keeping everything fresh for those of us who have been along for the long ride. He does. This Repairman Jack is so iconic, yet in so many ways so innocent that I couldn’t help but being amazed all over again.

Jack in Cold City is just amazing. You can see the growth that’s ahead of him, but you’re holding your breath watching – even now and again thinking he might not make it out of what’s about to happen – even though you know there are later books waiting out there.

And it’s Jack as he swings into some of his wildest and wittiest action, learning the ropes as he goes but still having some of the most natural ability you could ever imagine for this character. However, you can’t help but feeling protective of this Jack because he has got such a long way to go.

I really like how this novel is set up with the various plot threads, and am looking forward to seeing how they resolve over the next two books. However, I know a lot of people new to the series aren’t going to be happy with the cliffhanger ending presented. All I can tell you guys is that Jack is definitely worth the wait.

2 Responses to “COLD CITY by F. Paul Wilson”

  1. I’ve read so many Repairman Jack novels that I’m getting confused. I just finished Night World, and am waiting for Cold City (from the library). Just finishng up the last of the teen books as well. Except for Cold City, I’ve read them all, including The Keep, and some of the Adversary books. In terms of Repairman Jack, what’s not to love! I’m wondering if I should start reading them all over again? Sigh 🙂

  2. They’re very re-readable in my opinion!

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