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UNSTOPPABLE by Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin is new to me, but she’s got plenty of books to dig into once you discover her. I’m convinced that if you’re a romantic suspense lover and haven’t found her before, you’ll be glad you did.

Unstoppable is a novella in her Tracers series. The Tracers are an elite group of people with cutting-edge law enforcement skills. Usually one of their number gets paired up with a local crimebuster and a full-throttle chase after a major bad guy ensues while sparks of romance fill the air. I gathered that from reading the synopses of the other books in the series.

Unstoppable represents that formula to a T. Kelsey Quinn is a forensic anthropologist working a dig in Texas that suddenly has ties to a major crime scene. The novella actually leads to the next book in the series, Twisted.

The male lead in the story is a battle-scarred and hardened SEAL warrior who’s back in the USA after an op in Afghanistan went south and several of his team were killed. Gage Brewer doesn’t know what he’s going to ultimately do with the rest of his life, but one thing he isn’t going to do is let down a former commanding officer. When tasked with protecting Kelsey from potential border crime lords trouble, Gage doesn’t count on getting won over by her.

Although the story is far shorter than a full-fledged novel, Griffin somehow packs in a lot of action and character development in the reduced pages. I sat down with the story a couple of times, got totally sucked into the world, the developing relationship, and the deepening mystery. That’s what I read these books for, and Griffin easily delivers.

Even though Gage and Kelsey’s story comes to a close in this volume, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them. Both of these characters are interesting and I would look forward to seeing them team up again. The romance is a big part of the story, but it’s Griffin’s development of the crime and the action that made me a fan of her writing.

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