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DEEP DOWN by Lee Child

Last year before the new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child came out, fans were offered an e-short story about a young Reacher. I got it and read it, enjoying both the story and the way that the tale filled in some of the gaps we didn’t really know about Reacher. I also liked the fact that it could be consumed in a single evening.

This year, we’ve again been treated to a new Jack Reacher short story prior to the release of the new Reacher novel. And again this one delves somewhat into Reacher’s earlier years. This one isn’t with his teen self, though, and I have to admit that was a little disappointed because I was quite taken with the young Reacher and his family.

However, this one was nicely done, and though it didn’t illuminate any real Reacher secrets, readers get a chance to try to think along with Reacher and stay up. That’s hard to do. Reacher is lightning quick and extremely intelligent (so is the author, though he has more time to prepare ).

Reacher’s assignment is to find a mole in four upwardly mobile female military officers – without endangering any of their careers. So Reacher, who isn’t always known for his subtle ways, is dropped into a powder keg situation where he can only use his mind and instincts.

The problem is kind of cool and I’ll have to admit that I hadn’t thought about such things as how a new rifle for the military is introduced, or the ramifications of such an introduction across the international scene and domestic gun collectors scene. That was really interesting.

The Reacher books are known for their action element as well, and Child doesn’t just have our hero relying on his wits. There’s a physical component to the story that was welcome, and done in true Reacher style. Now that I’ve had my appetizer, I’m ready for the main course. A Wanted Man comes out soon.

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