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THE LONG BLACK TRAIN by Heath Lowrance

“The Long Black Train” is the second short story featuring Heath Lowrance’s gritty gunslinger who squares off with the supernatural. This story has a little more set up than the last tale, and a few pages pass by before Hawthorne appears on the scene. But once Hawthorne is there, things get weird in a hurry.

Readers still don’t get to know much more about the hero in this one, which I hope happens soon, nor do they find out about the cross-shaped scar or how it is that the wild and wooly weird ends up in Hawthorne’s grill each time.

However, Lowrance treats his readers to a charnel house on rails in this story that will delight action and horror fans alike. Although the first tale was dark, this one is a whole lot darker. The writer does a lot of good with atmosphere and description in this story. I felt like I was on that hellbound train, and it was one of the last places I wanted to be. Thankfully Hawthorne was there with me.

One Response to “THE LONG BLACK TRAIN by Heath Lowrance”

  1. I read this one too and really enjoyed it. Got a ‘Solomon Kane’ vibe from Hawthorne.

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