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Warning: check your “willing suspension of disbelief,” ’cause it will be petal to the metal throughout this wild romp of an archeological treasure hunt cum international thriller. You’ll either love this one or hate it. The Hunt for Atlantis is Indiana Jones on steroids, both in the action department as well as the puzzle/history field.

I had an absolute blast with this one. Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase are two larger than life characters that barely step into three-dimensional life in this novel, but that’s all I needed, just heroes to root for. And since this is a series, I figure I’ll be learning more about them as I continue reading the other books. I’m definitely reading those other books. They’re already waiting on my Kindle.

Nina is the brains of the outfit, an archeological professor and offspring of two giants in the field, but she’s no slouch in the muscle department. Eddie Chase is ex-SAS, a British commando who doesn’t believe in giving up and loves all things explosive, but he’s able to come up to the mark in the thinking department, too. Thinking’s just not Eddie’s forte.

The novel starts off with the search for Atlantis, and with the ending of Nina’s parents’ lives. Ten years later, Nina is put onto the same trail her parents followed, and immediately runs afoul of the secret international organization dedicated to making sure Atlantis is never found. Throw in a billionaire willing to back Nina’s efforts and you’ve got the ingredients for a major potboiler.

As noted, the action is fast and furious throughout this novel, breath-taking in several places, and guaranteed to put a strain on a movie’s special effects and stunt budgets. The pages turned almost by themselves as I chased after the story and lost Atlantis.

Andy McDermott has obviously done considerable research in archeology as well as the technology fields, and he threw in some genome background as well. The conceit he has backing the story isn’t anything really new or innovative, but it plays well.


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