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O’DOUL by Wayne D. Dundee

For the price of a soft drink (not the over-priced hotel fare, I’m talking about a coke for a buck), you can enjoy Wayne D. Dundee’s novella, O’Doul, and you can read it over lunch on your phone or e-reader. Dundee, like many other Western/mystery writers, produces good stories in both genres. His Joe Hannibal novels belong on every private eye reader’s shelves.

Lately, Dundee and several other authors are taking the plunge into ebooks, and things are going quite well for the Western. Just when you think the genre is dead and gone, it’s riding back with a vengeance, claiming readers by surprise with its winding paths into adventurous times past.

This piece is introspective and surprising. Given the kind of Western story and hero I grew up with, Dundee was able to surprise me with this one by changing up the game. I expected him to zig and he chose to zag instead, and I can’t really talk about the plot much more without giving everything away.

The characters in this one are sharp enough to make you feel them as you read, and the problems that get presented are common enough. But Dundee has the ability to put you on the ranch as a working hand, in the saddle with a cowboy working out his last years, and dealing with a problem that has hard solutions.

O’Doul will while away your lunch hour and give you something to chew on afterwards.

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