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EYES TO SEE by Joseph Nassise

Eyes To See is the first book in an intriguing new series by Joseph Nassise (author of the Templar Chronicles) and is a great little mix of paranormal and noir fiction. In order to find his missing daughter, scholar Jeremiah Hunt gave up his eyes in exchange for a new vision that allows him to see through the eyes of the dead and other demonic forces. He finances his continued search for his daughter by hiring out as a ghost banisher and moonlighting with the Boston Police Department as a consultant.

The book opens up with an interesting glimpse into Jeremiah’s life as he arrives at a potential client’s house. Nassise does a good job of showing how vulnerable a blind man is in today’s world if people decide to take advantage of him, and depicting the fact that Jeremiah at this stage of his life is not a nice guy. He’s totally focused on finding his daughter and only puts up with others if they’re going to help him achieve that goal.

Nassise also builds his world of darkness and light really well, then fills it with all manner of monsters. The author is really good at pacing and atmosphere, and I felt as trapped in the pages as Jeremiah felt in the search for his missing child. I couldn’t help but keep pressing on, watching as the stakes mounted and the odds against Jeremiah intensified.

Boston comes alive on the pages too. I felt the city and its shadows all around me as I chased after Jeremiah and peeked over his shoulder at all the ghosts and monsters he confronted during his various caseloads. Nassise has a nice mix of people who know about that dark world hidden from the view of most humans, and of people who think Jeremiah just has “special” powers, not a front row seat at the various circles of Hell.

The overall premise of the book may put some readers in the mind of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series, but this trilogy promises to be a lot darker and more somber.

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