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Coming Soon! GABRIEL HUNT #1:

 Cover Image

Coming in April, the new Gabriel Hunt series promises a ton of rock ’em sock ’em adventure.  The style obviously owes a lot to the Doc savage franchise, but it’s going to be set in contemporary times.  However, as you can see from this cover, the action is going to be far removed from the urban sites.  Six books in the series have been scheduled so far.  All of them feature the beautiful and pulp-influenced artwork of Glen Orbik.

Check out the new web site at

2 Responses to “Coming Soon! GABRIEL HUNT #1:”

  1. Thanks for the pointers. I’ll be sure to make use of it when I plan my wedding (which is in October next year!)

  2. Cro Cop needs to hang up the gloves and ride into the sunset. Its time to say goodbye my friend.

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