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The new Wimpy Kid book goes on sale at midnight, January 13. Several of the bigger chain stores are doing midnight lay downs with the book at that time.

Jeff Kinney, the author and illustrator of the book, has done a fantastic job with this series. Greg Hefley, the main character, isn’t perfect by any means. He may not even be a kid you want your kid to know. But he’s a lot of fun too read about.

There’s already a movie in the works. And with only three books in, if you haven’t heard of the series, do yourself a favor and pick up all the Wimpy Kid books on Tuesday. The only thing you’ll hear it out of your children for hours is giggles. Then when they go to bed, read the books and relive your childhood.

I can’t recommend these books enough.

A new USA Today interview with Jeff can be found here.


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