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Debut author Angie Fox kickstarts her new novel, The Accidental Demon Slayer, and peels out for action and adventure. From the first page on, thirty-year old pre-school teacher Lizzie Brown has her life turned upside down and inside out by her biker witch grandma (who she’d never before laid eyes on) and demonic menaces (which she’d never believed in before). She also didn’t know her terrier Pirate could talk.

All of those things come crashing down on Lizzie and the reader. I have to admit, I like books that start out fast and treat me like I’ve read a few books, but I had to actually go back and re-read the first couple chapters after I had a better handle on the story. Things just happened too quickly and I had to buy into too much at one time. Thankfully that problem was quickly rectified (and most trusting readers won’t have an issue with this – I just like to have a good grasp of story so I can plan my reviews).

Fox’s novel zips along like a high-velocity bullet caught in the slipstream of an F-5 tornado. Ready or not, it’s moving and you’re going to be sucked in.

Lizzie Brown felt a little thin in places as well because I didn’t get enough of her back story before the tale takes a decided plunge into mayhem and magic, but I was so caught up in the other characters by that point that I was comfortable going along for the ride.

With biker witches, a Beast Feast, spells sealed in Smucker’s jars, and a world filled with werewolves, evil souls, and nasty demons (oh my!), I settled in and stayed pace with this mile-a-minute romp. I’ve read plenty of paranormal romances over the years, and enjoyed several that have really developed worlds, histories, and magic systems.

But Angie Fox transported me to a magical world infused with the world I grew up in: small-town, blue collar America. Though she primarily stays around Tennessee and Mississippi, from Shoney’s restaurants (anybody south of the Mason-Dixon line remembers Shoney’s restaurants!) to riverboat hideouts and communing with demons in hell from the inside of a Dumpster, I immediately recognized all of those places. I mean, how can you not love trailer trash biker witches that dress in leotard pants, too much make-up, big hair, jeweled eyelashes, and go by names like Ant Eater?

I’m positive Fox will learn and grow as a writer because she obviously has so much to tell, but while she learns her craft, she’s not pulling any punches and is laying out the story and characters as she sees them. Her view on the world isn’t filled with the latest pumps and handbags. She’s more into the roadkill café menus and whacky situations that Southerners are going to immediately believe were stolen from their family albums. I grew up (and moved away from) most of the people that Fox writes about, but I still have fond memories of them.

If your latest paranormal romances are reading too much like department store catalogs, pick up Angie Fox’s new book. She’ll help you get in touch with your wild side (and maybe big hair, leopard leotards, Harleys, and jeweled eyelashes). You’ll hang on for dear life as she propels you to the finish line in hell to save her granny!


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