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GABRIEL’S HORN by Alex Archer

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On sale next month, my new Annja Creed novel has a beautiful cover. I think it’s one of my more humorous pieces. I had a lot of fun with the characters in this one.


One Response to “GABRIEL’S HORN by Alex Archer”

  1. I wasn’t quite certain what to put under mail & website so I just did what I did. I’m fairly new to computer stuff. Thank you. Janice Ma

    I came across information that seemed to indicate that Alex Archer was a black & newer informa- tion which seemed to indicate he was not. Which is he/she?
    I abosulutely love the books! I’m currectly rereading them. They’re really wonderful! There was one mistake that I thought Mr./Ms Archer should be informed of. There is no cantanese & mand- arin seperate forms of written Chinese. There are many dialects, mandarin being declared the national one. This was probably because (1) the people in power spoke it (2) it’s easier to speak, since it has fewer tones and (3) it is prettier, certainly prettier than cantonese. Studying the deve- lopment of written chinese it has always been just the one. They started with pictures & some of these have changed little from their beginnings. If there had EVER been any other form of writing,
    it would have been too long ago for the story and much too long ago to have been connected in any way to Cantonese. I do speak, read & write Chinese. So sorry.
    Janice Ma (Ma tze ni) Columbia, MD

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