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When I first heard about the book, I was curious but leery. The idea of a new take on Wonderland was intriguing, but I was left wondering what an author could really do with it. Apparently a lot, but I was left asking why it was necessary. But I picked it up anyway.

Frank Beddor, the author, has a vivid imagination, but everything he does truly springs out of Lewis Carroll’s novel. He has some amusing twists and capricious renderings of characters, events, and hardware in Wonderland, but ultimately I was disappointed with this one. There just really wasn’t enough of a difference, and the differences that were there flew in the face of everything I loved about the book.

The idea of an adult Alyss (see, Carroll gave us the incorrect spelling after schoolteachers forced Alyss to change her name to Alice) going back to Wonderland to lead a revolt against Queen Redd was interesting, but just didn’t really come to life. Beddor’s world-building seems good, and his pacing is excellent, but I would have liked to read something wholly original by him. He’s a good writer, but being enamored of Wonderland doesn’t do him justice in some ways.

The book is readable, and if you’re truly curious I’d suggest waiting for the paperback. has already slated the book for a deep discount ($5.49 for the hardcover, which is cheaper than most paperbacks, as of this writing), so that might work out for you too. I’d be interested in hearing any comments other readers might have on the book.

And I’ll be looking for Beddor’s first original work. Although that might be a ways off given the fact that there’s a movie, an RPG game, comics, and other avenue in the works on this one.


One Response to “THE LOOKING GLASS WARS by Frank Beddor”

  1. I enjoyed it for the most part. But reading your review (and thinking again about the book) you’re right about the originality; there were things that were his own but maybe not enough. But, in the end for me at least, enough to give the story a fresh spin.

    Do you think you’ll read the rest of the books?

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